Meet The Education Team 

The Board of Education team are here to help with all areas of education support. Please do feel free to contact us. Our working hours are 8:30 to 4 pm, Monday to Friday however some members of our team may only be available during term time.  

Katie Fitzsimmons

Director of Education 

Email Katie

Mobile  07436 339360 

Giles Pugh 

Deputy Director of Education & Finance Director

Email Giles

Mobile  07823 345950 

Mandy Christopher

Currently seconded to DBF as Head of Growing Faith

Email Mandy

Mobile 07467 958070

Steve Cowdery

School Improvement Advisor  

Email Steve

Mobile 07436 339559

Nicola Coupe 

School Improvement Adviser 

Email Nicola

Mobile 07436 339559 

Linda Rowley 

School Improvement Consultant

Email Linda

Mobile 07971 294146 

Dan Roberts 

Senior Adviser for Trusts (SAFT)

Email Dan

Mobile 07469 855630 

Sarah McNicol 

Education Services Manager & Executive Assistant to the Director of Education

Email Sarah

Mobile 07436 339360

Anna Tucker 

Education Services Assistant and Deputy to The Education Services Manager  

Email Anna

Mobile 07436 339559   

Sophie Tetley 

Education Services Assistant 

Email Sophie

Mobile 07769 372852   

Marion Bagshaw 

Education Services Assistant

Email Marion

Mobile 07769 373434

Georgina Polius 

Education Services Assistant

Email Georgie

Mobile 07769380529

Olivia Evans 

Schools Estates Manager 

Email Olivia

Mobile 07423 700075 

Sue Topp 

Buildings & Finance Assistant 

Email Sue

Mobile 07436 339336 

Sharon Prance 

Finance Assistant 

Email Sharon

Mobile 07769 092848 


Meet The Board of Education Trustees here 


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