The work of the Mission, Ministry, and Communications Team is about enabling people to listen, look and be apart of God's work in the world around us.

It’s about asking the question: What does it look like to participate in the great co-mission here and now? What does it look like to be the Church in our context?

This involves facilitating and building relationship – with God, each other and the world around us, and helping people prayerfully look, listen and respond in faithfulness. 

This involves: 

  • Exploring the interconnectedness of discipleship, mission and social justice. 
  • The intersection of home, school, church and wider community. 
  • Mutuality and the equal valuing and contribution of gifts that everybody in the Church community brings to the table – functioning as a whole, not in isolation.

As we seek to foster this interconnected, interdependent ecosystem, or ‘mixed ecology’, there are several ways we can explore our role within it.

What is ‘mixed ecology’?
Mixed ecology describes the flourishing of church and ministry in our parishes, and in other communities of faith through things like church planting, fresh expressions of church, chaplaincy and online Church.

“To become a church of missionary disciples?where all God’s people are free to live the Christian life, wherever we spend our time Sunday to Saturday.

To be a church where mixed ecology is the norm?– where every person in England has access to an enriching and compelling community of faith by adding new churches and new forms of Church to our parishes, cathedrals, schools and chaplaincies.

To be a church that is younger and more diverse.”

The Church of England Vision for the 2020’s.



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