If a PCC agrees they would like to make any alterations to a church building, its contents, or its churchyard, an application for a Faculty will usually be required.

A Faculty is legal permission to carry out the development work. However, there are different permissions depending on what is being proposed so it is vitally important that whatever changes you have in mind, however small you think they are, that you get in touch with the Church Buildings Team in the first instance so they can best advise you. 

The process to obtain the permission begins with a proposal from the PCC about the alterations and ends with a decision from the Chancellor of the diocese or the relevant Archdeacon as to whether it can go ahead. 

Both the Chancellor and Archdeacon are advised by the DAC about the decision, which will balance the church’s missional aims and needs with the heritage and historical significance of the building or land. 

Online Faculty System

Since 1 April 2020, all Faculty petitions and List A and B applications are now made through the Online Faculty System.

NB: applications will NOT be accepted by post or email - please use the link above. The team will answer queries as quickly as they can.

You might find this PowerPoint presentation helpful, which explains the Faculty process step by step.

If you are in any doubt, please contact the team who can help, please see contact details below.

Legislation relating to Faculties

These are some helpful links to the relevant legislation governing the Faculty process:

Care of Churches Measure

Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015

The Faculty Jurisdiction (Amendment) Rules 2019


These are some helpful downloads which may be helpful in your particular Faculty petition:

List A & B Schedule 1

Churchyard Regulations 2016

Churchyard Safety and PCC Responsibilities

DAC Delegation of Powers 2020

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