Cycle of Prayer 25 September- 1 October

Reading this week's prayers is Margaret Preuss-Higham. Margaret is a house for duty priest, looking after the parishes of Abbotsbury, Portesham and Langton Herring which is situated along the Chesil beach.’ She is interested in rural ministry having served as Rural filed officer for Sherborne Archdeaconry. You can hear all our prayers on our social media @DioceseofSalisbury To see previous copies and our month of prayer click here.

25 September

Lord, We pray for Clarendon, Alderbury for Clergy: Simon Chambers, Ruth Schofield, Jane Dunlop, Lisa Rodrigues. And for Licensed Lay Ministers: Debbie McIsaac, Michael Barratt. We pray for all the outreach from churches into local communities giving thanks to God for the lay people who work so hard in both outreach and pastoral care. We also pray for the four church schools as the new year begins, for head teachers governors, and all children. We pray especially for our local schools: Pickwick Academy Trust Whiteparish All Saints CE VA Primary School Alderbury & West Grimstead CE VA Primary School Amen  

26 September 

Heavenly Father,  We pray today for Forest & Avon churches, for Clergy: David Bacon and Veronica Batchelor.  As we rejoice this Harvest season, we give thanks for the beauty of God’s kingdom. We pray for those we serve and that we will be open to the leading of the Spirit as we seek to be a visible presence in these communities. We pray especially for the staff and students at: Morgan's Vale and Woodfalls Academy The New Forest CE VA Primary School Downton CE VA Primary School Amen   

27 September

Dear Lord Today we raise to you the Diocesan Board of Education, its Officers & Advisers, and the Children & Young People Team We give thanks Lord for the children and young people of our diocese; we pray for the flourishing of our schools and school trusts, children and staff. We pray too for the Board of Education team, and their new CEO Katie Fitzsimmons, as they make Jesus known in all they do. We ask you will be with them and guide all their decisions In our prayers for Episcopal Churches in South Sudan and Sudan: pray for the Most Revd Ezekiel Kumir Kondo, Archbishop of the Province of Sudan & Bishop of Khartoum. Amen  

28 September

Lord of all creation We thank you for Stonehenge’s Rural Dean Gale Hunt, for Assistant Rural Dean: Jonathan Plows and Lay Chair: Sarah Gooch. We give thanks for all who minister and serve, whether lay and ordained, and all that they bring to the life to the Deanery.  We pray for the mission and ministry across the deanery as we seek to Make Jesus Known and especially for the development of new ways of working together and reaching out to local communities. Amen  

29 September

Jesus, We pray for Amesbury Clergy: Darren A’Court. We give thanks for Amesbury CE VC Primary School’s excellent SIAMS inspection outcome in the summer and for all the commitment and progress made in the school community. We pray for confirmation candidates and for the flourishing of our church community as we celebrate the Feast of St Michael and All Angels. Amen  

30 September

Our Lord and God, We thank you and pray for Woodford Valley with Archers Gate. For Clergy: Mike Perry and Licensed Lay Ministers: Hugh Keatinge,and Sylvia Parrett. We pray you will bless them with your love and peace and guide them through your word. Thank you for the staff and students at: Woodford Valley CE Primary Academy Amen  

1 October

Lord Jesus, Today we raise to you Wylye and Till Valley and its Clergy: Jonathan Plows, Roger Leake, Maggie Metcalfe, Mary Garrard, Louisa Halliday. We pray for Licensed Lay Ministers: Yvonne Allen and Licensed Worship Leaders: Beth Andrews, Laurence Griffith and Tim Purchase. We pray for the nine villages of the Benefice as we continue to serve the communities in new ways; for the soon to be Licensed Worship Leader Gill Leake; our 5 Lay Pastoral Assistant; for Great Wishford CE VA Primary School in this challenging time; for the new Andy Pandy’s nursery in South Newton; and for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we move forward together to Make Jesus Known. In our Anglican Cycle of Prayer: We pray for The Nippon Sei Ko Kai. Amen 


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