Our Vision: Making Jesus known

The vision - Making Jesus known  

Making Jesus Known is the new vision for the Diocese of Salisbury. It was affirmed by diocesan synod in June 2023. 

The vision pledges that together, as Christians in the diocese, we will make Jesus Christ known in every place, so that all might flourish and grow, seeking his Kingdom, here and now. 

It sets outs five clear priorities for us all to work to establish over the next decade – developing courageous Christian leaders, working together for justice, developing creative partnerships in local mission, championing climate justice and finally – if we are to achieve the first four priorities- ensuring we have a sustainable financial basis for mission. 

At the heart of the priorities is a commitment to revitalise churches for mission. 

Bishop Stephen said: “Only we and those we call to Christ will be able to make the difference we strive for in our localities.  It is our job description: to be Making Jesus Known. 

“Making Jesus Known is not a strapline; it’s a choice.  Our priorities are not a popularity list; they are wounds from which can spring resurrected life.  In every thought and every conversation we have from now on, we must ask ourselves individually and in our worshipping communities: are we making the person of Jesus Christ known?  If not, then it is about us, noisy us, and that convinces no-one.” 

Read Bishop Stephen’s address to diocesan synod.

The Infographic setting out the vision and five priorities is available to download in A3 or A4.

Watch Rev Lucy Holt and Rev Paul Bradbury’s initial responses to the synod affirmation.


What’s next? 

Hundreds of people have been involved in thinking through the needs and priorities for the communities we serve in Dorset and Wiltshire over the last year. But the vision and how its priorities might work in each community need to be discussed and thought through in every place. It will be shaped and reshaped by these encounters and conversations. 

The Communications Team will be developing some resources to help spark conversations in the next few weeks. If you have an idea about what could help you do that in your community, email the Communications Team. 

There will be opportunities to help shape and define the vision by sharing your discussions as we move into the autumn this year. 

Reflect and discuss 

Watch some contributions from people around the diocese for their views on what the vision and priorities mean to them. Might their ideas and examples offer some opportunities for your parish or deanery? 

Creative partnership in local mission: Rural Dean Rev Jane Palmer discusses some of the opportunities in her rural deanery 

Working for Justice: Young people from All Saints CE school in Weymouth and their teacher discuss issues they think they church should speak and act upon.

Courageous Christian Leadership: Pioneer Minister Rev Jo Neary from the Beaminster team discusses the challenges for rural clergy and the need for greater collaborative working.

Sharing Vision Events

Below are some of the events and conversations starting taking place about the new vision, Making Jesus Known, and priorities for the diocese for the next decade. Do let us know if you are planning conversations or events so they can be listed here, and if you would like further support or someone to attend. By sharing details of events and conversations, it is hoped that we can all be encouraged to see how the vision is taking root across Dorset and Wiltshire.

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