CMD Programme

Continual Ministerial Development (CMD) offer for Spring 2024. CMD is available for Ordained Ministers, Licensed Lay Ministers, Chaplains, Lay Pastoral Assistants, Lay Worship Leaders, and Commissioned Lay Pioneers.


Slavery, Reparations and Theology

Explore the connections between slavery and the church in the post-British Imperial context. What are the theological implications for reparations and the historical legacies of enslavement?

Led by Revd Dr Carlton Turner
Thursday 29 February, 1pm-4pm, Online via Zoom. 

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Introduction to Trauma Theology

Since the beginning of the 21st century, theologians have been increasingly taking trauma seriously in terms of the ways in which we do theology and the ways in which we read the biblical narratives. Recognising the specific nature of a trauma experience, theologians have been concerned with what impact this has on theology. The course will offer a brief history of the development of trauma theories and how these have been used by theologians.

Led by Dr Karen O'Donnell
Wednesday 6 March 10am-1pm, Online via Zoom.

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Faith in a Time of Dementia – The Other Side of Nothingness

Increasing numbers of people with dementia presents Christians with pastoral, practical and theological challenges. But these challenges also present us with an opportunity to deepen our understanding of what it is to be a human being in the Church and ‘before God’; what it is to be a Church that embraces the reality of dementia; and what the prophetic role of the Church may be in society in a time of dementia. This short workshop will provide an occasion to explore all these themes in the light of our own experiences.

Led by Dr Peter Kevern
Wednesday 13 March, 10am-4pm, Sarum College, Salisbury.

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“I have seen the Lord!” - Stories of Resurrection

With these amazing words, Mary Magdalene tells of the first of Jesus’ resurrection appearances. We spend a gentle day observing those encounters with the risen Lord, and how they can also offer us a journey into joy. There will be two guided sessions with reflections, poetry and music, and time to spend resting quietly in beautiful surroundings.

Led by Barbara Priest, LLM and oblate of Douai Abbey
Audience: Ordained and Lay Ministers
This day will be run twice:
Tuesday 9 April, 10am-4pm, Douai Abbey, Reading. 

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Saturday 20 April, 10am-4pm, Grove Farm House, Melbury Abbas. 

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Reading Scripture Together: Women at the Wells

When Biblical women appear in public, often they do so near a well and often it involves their becoming a bride. In the Hebrew Bible, we have the stories of Rebekah (Genesis 24), Rachel (Genesis 29), and Zipporah (Exodus 2) as betrothal scenes along with other texts that place women at wells as part of a larger story. In the New Testament, we have the famous Samaritan woman at the well text in John 4. In this in-person day, we will wade into the waters of these texts from both Jewish and Christian perspectives to see what we find.

Led by Rabbi Shoshana Boyd Gelfand and Dr Jayme Reaves
Thursday 18 April, 10am-4pm, Sarum College, Salisbury. 

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Quiet Day for Lay Ministers: Follow the Thread…

A day of short talks and stories, reflective activities and plenty of opportunity to be still or silent before God.  The Greenhouse provides a comfortable base and lovely refreshments.

Led by Rona Orme, LLM and Spiritual Accompanier
Audience: Lay Ministers
Monday 29 April, 10am-4pm, The Greenhouse Christian Centre, Poole. 

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An Introduction to developing a Trauma Informed Approach

With an estimated 50-70% of people experiencing trauma at some point in their lives, it is very likely that every church community will include people who have experienced trauma and may still be impacted by the effects of this many years later. The safeguarding team have commissioned this course to help people develop what a trauma informed approach looks like within their ministry. The course is suitable for anyone in a church or community role, but will be most applicable for members of clergy, Parish Safeguarding Officers and those in pastoral roles.

Wednesday 8th May, 09:30-12:30, online via Zoom.

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Leadership training for Established Church Leaders

This workshop will benchmark current leadership, refine leadership skills and enhance character formation and personal development to lead with excellence.

Participants will:
Move from plateauing/struggling in leadership to identifying pain points and building a resilient plan for the next season.
Have a personality deep-dive to identify patterns of behaviour and leadership tendencies for personal growth.
Learn skills for leading under pressure and stress, and how to stay healthy and be both present with family and productive in ministry, despite the challenges.
Learn about intentional investment into team leadership – effective delegation, having difficult conversations which liberate and dealing with conflict and organisational change well, in order to increase the health and efficacy of teams.
Increase the ability to pass on gifts, skills and competencies to other less experienced leaders through wise relational and professional development.
Hone their organisational leadership skills in terms of vision, values, roles and responsibilities, structures and strategies for thriving churches and ministries.

09:30 - 16:30, Wednesday 12 June 2024, Emmaus House, The Avenue, Wilton, Salisbury SP2 0FG

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