CMD Programme

Continual Ministerial Development (CMD) offer for Spring 2024. CMD is available for Ordained Ministers, Licensed Lay Ministers, Chaplains, Lay Pastoral Assistants, Lay Worship Leaders, and Commissioned Lay Pioneers.

This year's Clergy Day will be held at Bryanston School on Wednesday 10 July 2024. Invitations have now been sent out. For further information please contact


Telling Stories about God with Rowan Williams

Exploring the Novels and Essays of Marilynne Robinson. Marilynne Robinson is one of the most universally respected writers of fiction in English, and is also a theologically literate and deeply convinced Protestant Christian. During this one-day course, we will explore her fiction and also her essays (including her new book Reading Genesis) so as to understand better how she thinks human beings can and should talk about God in ways that don’t completely depend on any agreed philosophy. This will raise questions that are crucial for her and also for us—questions about power, race, justice and redemption.

Led by Dr Rowan Williams
Wednesday 5 June, 10am-4pm, Sarum College, Salisbury

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Leadership training for Established Church Leaders

This workshop will benchmark current leadership, refine leadership skills and enhance character formation and personal development to lead with excellence.

Participants will:
Move from plateauing/struggling in leadership to identifying pain points and building a resilient plan for the next season.
Have a personality deep-dive to identify patterns of behaviour and leadership tendencies for personal growth.
Learn skills for leading under pressure and stress, and how to stay healthy and be both present with family and productive in ministry, despite the challenges.
Learn about intentional investment into team leadership – effective delegation, having difficult conversations which liberate and dealing with conflict and organisational change well, in order to increase the health and efficacy of teams.
Increase the ability to pass on gifts, skills and competencies to other less experienced leaders through wise relational and professional development.
Hone their organisational leadership skills in terms of vision, values, roles and responsibilities, structures and strategies for thriving churches and ministries.

Wednesday 12 June 2024, 09:30 - 16:30, Emmaus House, The Avenue, Wilton, Salisbury SP2 0FG

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Playing in (and for) Ministry

In a day of thinking, playing and conversing we will be exploring the significance of play; digging into how it links with our spirituality, our well-being as well as our work and creativity. A chance to explore a fuller picture of play – and of being human; going beyond the sometimes limiting cultural framing of play as ‘that which is not work.’ As part of the day, we will be using methodologies from LEGO® Serious Play® What will you get from the day? You will have fun, you will unlock creativity and problem solving, you will get to play into and from the deeper self.

Led by Ian Macdonald
Tuesday 25 June, 10am-4pm, Sarum College, Salisbury

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Principles of Building Conservation

Want a better understanding of what looking after our built heritage is all about and how we got here? This webinar will cover the brief history of building conservation moving onto the principles of conservation. Understanding these principles are key if you are someone who looks after a historic building. This webinar will help you understand building maintenance and adaption. It will also help you with faculty applications and be aware of the common pitfalls to ensure you are looking after our built heritage.

Led by Dan Crooke and the Church Buildings Team
Tuesday 25 June, 10am-12pm, online via Zoom.

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God is Not a White Man: Race, gender and the imago Dei

What does it mean when God is presented as male? What does it mean when – from our internal assumptions to our shared cultural imaginings – God is presented as white? These questions will be explored during the course, drawing on personal experience of being a Black woman in the white-majority space that is the UK church – a church that is being abandoned by Black women no longer able to grin and bear its casual racism, colonialist narratives and lack of urgency on issues of racial justice.This online course will explore theological concepts of the imago Dei through the lens of womanist and liberation theology.

Led by Chine McDonald
Wednesday 26 June, 10am-1pm, online via Zoom

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Autism, Theology and Christian Life

How might churches better respond to autistic people within congregations, and draw more on their gifts and insights? What biblical and theological resources might help us to reflect more deeply on the experience of people with autism?

Led by Claire Williams
Thursday 18 July, 1pm-4pm, online via Zoom

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Heating applications ‘Net Zero and Due Regard’

This webinar will tackle the most recent changes to the faculty system related to net zero. It will discuss what net zero is for the Church of England, what it means to you and what you can do for creation care. It will discuss what due regard looks like in a faculty application and how the DAC and Chancellor will advise and judge applications. Don’t wait until your heating breaks down before understanding what net zero means. It is never too early to prepare. 

Led by Dan Crooke and the Church Buildings Team
Tuesday 20 August, 1.30pm-3.30pm, online via Zoom

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Making the most of the Quinquennial Report

Ever dreaded receiving your quinquennial report? Ever looked at the list of recommendations and don’t know where to start? Do you simply file it away and wait for the next one? If this sounds familiar join the Church Buildings Team where we breakdown the QI report and explain how you can use it to your benefit. We explain how you can us it to ensure you are on top of your maintenance and save money in the long term.  

Led by Dan Crooke and the Church Buildings Team
Tuesday 24 September, 10am-12pm, online via Zoom

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Churchyards: all you need to know to maintain and care for land around the church

Join the Church Buildings Team, Registry department and the Chancellor where we cover many aspects of all thing’s churchyard. Topics covered range from burials, headstones, maintenance, permissions, and closed churchyards. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and discuss the kinds of things you are experiencing. 

Led by Dan Crooke and the Church Buildings Team
Wednesday 30 October, 1.30pm-3.30pm, online via Zoom

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Statement of Significance and Need

This in person training session covers the standard statement of significance and need in depth. Two of the most important documents in a faculty application. It covers all the headings in each document and explains what they are asking for and the types of information to put in them. It will discuss what significance means in a faculty alongside what ‘need’ is. This webinar is for anyone who is compiling a faculty application or has one in progress already.

Led by Dan Crooke and the Church Buildings Team
Monday 25 November, 1pm-4pm, Emmaus House, The Avenue, Wilton, Salisbury SP2 0FG

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Pilgrimage to Iona

Bishop Karen will lead a pilgrimage to the beautiful island of Iona from 25th April to 2nd May 2025. With five nights on Iona, plus stopovers in Glasgow each way, you are invited to travel with a diocesan group of lay and ordained people to experience the peace of this ‘thin place’, from which monastic Christianity evangelised much of Scotland and the north of England. With walks, worship and time for reflection together, you are encouraged to book early to avoid disappointment. For more details see: Pilgrimage to Iona.

The total cost for the trip will be between £1070 - £1415 per person. Clergy may use their CMD allowance towards the cost.

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