Partner Service Agreements (PSA)

Working in partnership with schools and trusts

The Partnership Service Agreement (PSA) is a proven successful tool for building transformational relationships between schools, academies, MATS, wider educational partners and the Salisbury Diocesan Board of Education.

"Salisbury Diocese provides valuable training and support across a full range of church school issues. Its input on spirituality is deeply appreciated by staff and helps to shape the school’s approach to spiritual development." SIAMS 2022


In addition to the PSA the SDBE Programme for Church School Flourishing (PCSF) is available to trusts. The Programme for Church School Flourishing is intended to enrich and deepen the expertise of school trusts, enabling the flourishing of their church schools, their children, young people and adults. This programme will provide a sustainable and rigorous heart to the partnership between school trust and SDBE.

For this Academic Year's PSA leaflets and information, follow the links below:

PSA Subscription courses 2022-2023
PSA Subscription courses 2023-2024
PSA Leaflet 2023-2024
PSA Subscription Form 2023-2024
PSA/PCSF Leaflet 2023-2024
PSA/PCSF Subscription Form 2023-2024


"The delivery of the PSA is excellent. The advisers are clear and concise. Having been serving headteachers, they make things easy to understand and go out of their way to help in any way possible."

Main contacts for further support

Sarah McNicol

Education Services Manager / Assistant to Director of Education

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