RE Network Hubs

Here you’ll find resources created by RE and Collective Worship Hub Lead Practitioners (HLPs) along with their contact information.

Hub Lead Practitioners (HLPs) work in schools across Wiltshire, Dorset and BCP. 
They lead local training in RE Network Hubs which are free to all schools and academies to attend. These network meetings are often signposted to by the Local Authority and by SACRES (Standing Advisory Councils for RE) as part of teacher curriculum support. They are ‘cross phase’ so that we learn from one another and are a great way to build up confidence.

The Salisbury Diocesan Board of Education advisory team supports the training of the HLPs. This includes input from national and regional experts in RE, religion and worldviews - so you can be sure that they are sharing the most up to date thinking in RE with you. 

We have intentionally identified leaders in several areas across the diocese so that there should be ‘one near you’! Do work out which is your nearest network and click on the relevant name in the table given under the contacts heading below. You can then email your nearest Hub leader directly to join a network meeting. They are open to all schools. There is no cost.

Virtual Forums

There are two free virtual forums for middle and secondary leaders:
RE in any school delivering RE to KS3 and beyond (Led by Steph Rann at The Gryphon School, Sherborne)
Collective Worship in CofE middle and secondary schools in our diocese and neighbouring dioceses (Led by Adam Watkin at St Laurence School, Bradford on Avon)

Annual RE Conference online

The RE Network Hub leads also help steer the content of our annual RE Conference which is virtual. The steering group for the conference includes local RE Advisers to SACREs too. This means that the conference is pitched at what teachers want and need. It is always CREative and REinspiring! This event is a highlight of the RE CPD offered and can be booked through the booking link here.
A special thank you: The Hub Lead Practitioner Project and RE Conference have been made possible by the generous support of a three-year grant from Sarum St Michael's Education Charity.

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RE Network Hub Meetings for the year ahead

• To book, please email your Hub Lead Practitioner

Hub Lead Practitioner Local RE Network Hubs and contact details


RE Network Hub WILTS 1
Wiltshire Central & West
Victoria Bunting
Helen Cooke
RE Network Hub WILTS 2
Wiltshire Central & Northeast 
Jo Needham
RE Network Hub WILTS 3
Wiltshire South & East 
Amanda Hodgson

RE Network Hub WILTS 4

Katy Thomas
Wiltshire North  
RE Network Hub DORSET 1
Dorset North & West 
Steph Rann
RE Network Hub DORSET 2
Dorset Central & East & South
Hazel Baines
RE Network Hub BCP 1
Bournemouth Christchurch & Poole
Cheryl Smith
Lead for Middle and Secondary RE Forum Steph Rann
HLP for Primary Collective Worship Hannah Allender
Lead for Middle and Secondary
Church School Collective Worship Forum
Adam Watkin

Main contacts for further support

Nicola Coupe 

School Improvement Adviser Strategic Lead for RE, Worship & Spirituality  

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