Humanitarian crisis in Sudan

Sudan is facing a humanitarian crisis and threat of mass starvation not seen since the Ethiopian famine 40 years ago, the United Nations has warned. In this diocese we have an active partnership with the Sudans. You can find more about our link here.If you would like to get involved in supporting the work in the Sudans or donate to the current crisis through the LInk, do get in touch with the comms team.

Rev Canon Ian Woodward from our Sudan Link has sent this news update: "As the tragedy of Sudan continues unabated, lost behind the news of Ukraine and Gaza, many of you will know that our partnership with the Episcopal Church of Sudan – the North – is shared with our brothers and sisters in the Diocese of Leeds. It is a fruitful relationship in which we have helped relocate Archbishop Ezekiel from the dangers of Khartoum to the relative peace of Port Sudan of the Red Sea Coast whilst at the same time we continue together to help resource the mission of the Province and ‘Make Jesus known’ through the Archbishop’s leadership.

"The Leeds bishops Nick Baines and Toby Howarth have written and broadcast about their recent experiences. Archbishop Justin Welby has also called for peace and prayers. Talking to Abp Ezekiel in Port Sudan yesterday, amidst the chaos particularly in El Fasher in Darfur where the RSF continue to wage what is tantamount to genocide, Abp Kondo was as inspired as ever to support his people and expressed his gratitude for our encouragement in supporting him. Food is still the great need to prevent mass starvation but so of course is peace and yesterday the UN Security Council clashed over the alleged support provided by other countries to the RSF. There is a real risk of Sudan being divided yet again if SAF (Sudan Government Forces) are unable to counter the RSF."


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