Sermons and Addresses

Bishop Stephen's Presidential Address to Synod February 24

What we need isn't more things, more stuff, but relationship with Jesus Christ, says Bishop Stephen in his address to diocesan synod.


Ad Clerum: February 2024

Bishop Stephen's letter to clergy and lay ministers in the diocese

Seeking reconciliation, in church and society

Bishop Stephen's Ash Wednesday service called for reconciliation as a society of stone throwers, and as a church

Ad clerum on Living in Love and Faith: November 23

Bishop Stephen's letter to clergy and lay ministers in the diocese following General Synod

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Ordinations of priests July 2023

Bishop Andrew's sermon at the ordination of priests

Bishop Andrew's Coronation Sermon

Salisbury Cathedral, 7 May

Charter Service 2023 

Preached by Bishop Stephen at the annual Charter service in St Thomas’, Salisbury on Sunday 5 March 2023

Bishop Stephen address for Ash Wednesday at Salisbury Cathedral

"Dressing up as a bishop beats most other theatrical performances. What colour mitre; hat on or hat off; surrender stick or retake it; have you forgot your pectoral cross yet again, the list goes on and on and wherever you go the rules are slightly different and no one really knows what they are anyway."

Presidential Address – Diocesan Synod - 4 February 2023

Bishop Stephen spoke of the Peace Pilgrimage to South Sudan, by Pope Francis, Archbishop Justin and the Moderator of the Church of Scotland Dr Ian Greenshields, which was underway while synod met. He said: “My contacts with both Archbishops of the Sudans continues to be frank, honest and committed to on-going partnership, recognising that especially for their people, there really are bigger issues at stake.

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