Parish Giving Scheme

Securing regular donations provides your church with reliable and predictable income, which is helpful when planning ahead for ministry, mission or building projects/repairs.

Our congregation and church members are the most likely to support ministry and mission, but there will be many people in your local community and beyond who are also keen to donate money to the church, whether they attend services or not.

When we think about our place of worship, we tend to focus on the regular attendee's donations. But for many people, there are other personal or pragmatic reasons for giving. 

Our churches are community centres; they can offer friendship through coffee mornings, or toddler groups or families may be interested in continuing traditions by having a christening or other special life event at the local church. Equally, some may see the historical importance of our buildings and part of our country's history and culture for future generations to enjoy.


Parish Giving Scheme

Parish Giving Scheme is a national independent charity which supports churches with building generosity by offering a secure and simple way of giving on a regular basis. Register your parish to join PGS – use the links below to access information and resources:

Information from PGS about set up.
Single parish form and Multiple Parish form (NB please email your completed form, and include a copy of a paying in slip or bank statement to verify your bank details, to your Giving Advisor – contacts details can be found below.)

Once you are live:

How PGS works leaflet for your congregation or church members
PGS Gift Form

Information from PGS about set up 


Heritage and Community Giving Resources

Make it easy for people in your community to support the church, by asking them to give online.

Online giving allows you to ask for support through an online platform or a mobile app and facilitates those who are donating to give through their online banking account. You can easily track your campaign's success and provide donors with emails on how their gifts are being used.

Example heritage leaflet – Parish Giving scheme ask.
Example heritage leaflet – Capital appeal

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