Safeguarding Training

The Church has an ambition to make a paradigm shift in its relationship with safeguarding, so that safeguarding flows from the essence of its mission and values. Safeguarding training is a key aspect of working towards this ambition.

Attendance at Church of England training is mandatory for anyone performing certain roles connected with church activity including those who are lay and ordained. There is also a requirement to refresh training every three years. For more information from the national church regarding safeguarding training click here.

There are four 'levels' or 'Core Pathways' of training and different roles are eligible for each level. Each course builds on the knowledge gained from the previous, so they should be completed in consecutive order until the individual has reached the highest level of learning for their role.

There is also a safer recruitment online course (available through the Church of England Training Portal), and Understanding Domestic Abuse which will be available online and as a face-to-face course from January 2022. 

Within Salisbury Diocese we have created a matrix to help guide parishes about the minimum level of training (and DBS) each role may require.

Please be aware that the Church Of England are currently revising their Safeguarding Training Development Framework so when this is announced there will be changes to which roles need to complete which level of training.


If you struggle to access the safeguarding training for whatever reason, please do not hesitate to contact our Safeguarding Trainer, who will be able to discuss how we might be able to make reasonable adjustments to support you.

This may be relevant if you are a survivor of abuse and may require some additional support to enable you to engage with training. Our trainers contact details can be found here.

Core Training Pathways 

Basic (approximately 1.5 hours)

For those within Church communities who need to have a basic awareness of safeguarding issues.

This course is completed online via the Church Of England Training Portal. Here are some instructions to help you sign up. Some parishes and churches are delivering this course face-to-face.

Foundations (approximately 1.5 hours)

For those who hold responsibility for safeguarding others within church settings. Please complete Basic Awareness before undertaking Foundations.

This course is completed online via the Church Of England Training Portal. Here are some instructions to help you sign up. Some parishes and churches are delivering this course face-to-face.

Leadership training (2 x 90 minutes online, or 1 x 3 hours face-to-face)

This course is designed for those people who play a lead role in shaping the culture of the church body concerned. Please complete Basic Awareness and Foundations before undertaking Leadership training.

This course is facilitated by the Diocese of Salisbury via an online zoom course or face-to-face learning. You will need to register and then book through the events and training section of the website.

Senior Leadership

For Bishop’s and the senior staff team within a diocese for example the Diocesan Secretary. This course is led by the National Safeguarding Team.

Delivered over 3 sessions with a total of 6 hours of input with pre and post course work to be completed, this pathway explores leadership behaviours and organisational culture issues in depth.

Permission To Officiate

The National Safeguarding Team are currently developing training courses relating to Domestic Abuse Awareness, Safer Recruitment and People Management, and a specific Leadership course for those who have Permission To Officiate.

Train the Trainer Course

Periodically we offer Train the Trainer courses so parishes can then deliver Basic and Foundation courses within their locality. For more information please contact our Safeguarding Trainer.

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